Our Vision

“A world class university environment in London’s Knowledge Quarter”

We have developed the masterplan to improve Bloomsbury, ensure that our existing facilities can adapt to meet the changing needs of our students. It will also help to ensure that London continues to attract future talent. We want to create a world-class educational environment that is not only connected to its history, but also forward-looking. This will be key to ensuring that Bloomsbury is full of vitality and continues to be an iconic quarter of London.

William Beveridge, Vice Chancellor, University of London , 1926-1928

William Beveridge, Vice Chancellor, University of London , 1926-1928

Senate House and the surrounding area that makes up the University of London’s estate in Bloomsbury is a core part of London’s academic life. Our vision is to create an amazing space to help bring the university’s colleges and institutes together, creating an academic hub for the University. This will include providing more space for seminars, lectures and other academic activity within the building including an enhanced use of the tower block. Having been in Bloomsbury for more than 80 years, we want to continue to develop the area as faithfully as possibly to the vision of those who helped make it what it is today. When the university was established in Bloomsbury, Vice President William Beveridge set out his ambition to create a space in London that:

“could not have been built by any earlier generation than this, and can only be at home in London.’ It ‘will knit the University together, make it more conscious of itself and its purpose… it means a chance to enrich London – to give London at its heart not just streets and shops… but a great architectural feature … it should recall to us, the clear cut relevance of science, the light-heartedness and solemnity of youth and the enchanted garden of the arts.”

-William Beveridge, 1926

This is our inspiration and we want to continue to fulfil William Beveridge’s ambition; to help make Bloomsbury the most important educational space in London, to secure London’s position as the leading city for education in the world, but most importantly to improve the area for the entire Bloomsbury community.

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