Our Story

London is an attractive place to study for many students and as a result our student numbers have grown. This is putting pressure on existing academic and residential facilities and there is an unquestionable need for modernisation. We know we need to change and adapt our facilities to create more space that will enable us to meet the future needs of the university, but safeguarding the heritage of Bloomsbury is of paramount importance to us.

It has been our home for more than 80 years now and we’ve come to regard ourselves as custodians of the Bloomsbury estate. We have a deep appreciation of the rich tapestry of architectural and cultural history of the area as well as the mix of Georgian and 20th century architecture. We hope that our Master Plan will enable us to weave a new layer into this tapestry that respects the history of the area, upholds Holden’s initial vision but that also provides facilities and public spaces that will meet the needs of future generations of Bloomsbury workers and residents.

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