About the University

Senate House GatewayThe University of London is undertaking a masterplan study of its Bloomsbury site, Senate House and its environs. It explores potential improvements to the open spaces and development sites and also creates a vision for how the University of London’s land in Bloomsbury will evolve in the coming years and decades.

The University of London was founded in 1836 and consists of 17 self-governing colleges and ten specialist research institutes.

The Master Plan focusses on our Bloomsbury estate – an area full of a great academic and cultural richness. It includes some of the world’s leading educational institutions in the University of London:

  • University College London (UCL);
  • SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies);
  • Birkbeck;
  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; and
  • The Institute of Education.

In the area immediately surrounding the University’s Bloomsbury estate the cultural and educational richness is reinforced by the British Museum, London’s West End, UCL’s Bloomsbury Campus, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then further afield the Wellcome Trust, British Library, Francis Crick Institute, London School of Economics, Kings College London and Courtauld Institute of Art.

Bloomsbury has been our home for more than 80 years. It is an area that we love and we are as committed to its past as we are to its future. It is our vision that our proposed Master Plan will enable Bloomsbury to grow in a way that respects its rich history, to retain its position at the heart of global education, and to inspire future global leaders, Nobel Prize and Grammy Award winners to continue making this part of London their home.


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