Statement of Community Engagement

This page provides an overview of the way in which key stakeholders and the local student and residential community has been involved in the evolution of the Master Plan proposals. This is presented as a Statement of Community Engagement which outlines who was notified of the proposals, the summary of feedback from interested parties and the way in which the proposals were amended to respond to that feedback. As far as data protection allows, we have also provided links to the supporting documentation that is appended to the Statement of Community Engagement report.

UoL Masterplan Statement of Community Engagement January 2016

Appended documents

1- Mail drop sent 28 July 2015 promoting the 1st consultation event – Proposed Master Plan

2- Addresses comprising priority mail drop area

3- GPS map of route of distributors of mail drop

4- Maildrop leaflet sent on 28 October 2015 promoting the 2nd consultation event – Amended Master Plan

5 – Copy of email to key stakeholders notifying them of the consultation events

6- List of those notified by email of the consultation events. (Please note that this cannot be displaying owing to data privacy.)

7- Masterplan website

8- Press advert promoting Proposed Master Plan 1st consultation event

9- A list of stakeholders engaged with and the methods of engagement

10- Proposed Master Plan 1st consultation event exhibition boards

11- Amended Master Plan 2nd consultation event exhibition boards

12- Feedback form Proposed Master Plan (1st consultation event)

13- Feedback form Amended Master Plan (2nd consultation event)




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