Development Forum

On Wednesday 27 January 2016, a Development Management Forum was held at Senate House, Chancellor’s Hall, Mallet St, London. WC1E  7HU from 7-9pm.

What is a Development Management Forum?

The Development Management Forum will be hosted by the London Borough of Camden and provides an additional opportunity for the University of London to present its proposals to Camden Council, local residents, businesses and organisations.

The Master Plan identifies both refurbishment and development opportunities for new floorspace, including academic, student residential and wider environmental improvements to meet future demands over the next 10-20 years. The Master Plan will be used to inform and guide detailed development of proposals for individual sites as they come forward.

The forum forms an important stage of the public engagement process and provides the London Borough of Camden with an indication of the extent of public engagement carried out and how issues have been responded to as the Master Plan has evolved. At the end of the public engagement process, London Borough of Camden will review the Master Plan proposals together with issues raised by key stakeholders including the local community. Where the Council are satisfied that the Master Plan is robust in responding to these issues raised, the aim is for the Council to ‘endorse’ the Master Plan.

The Council’s ‘endorsement’ of the Master Plan does not in any way grant planning permission. Rather, it will be used by the University to guide detailed development proposals for individual sites.  As and when a detailed development proposal comes forward, the University will need to apply to the Council for planning permission. As part of this process, the local community will be further consulted and have a further opportunity to influence changes to the scheme.

The forum does not replace the consultation events that we have already run in August and in November, but is designed to enable continued public involvement on our proposals – whilst changes can still be made to the scheme.


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The information presented at the Development Management forum consisted of the following documents which are now live for access:

  1. UoL Master Plan Proposal report; and
  2. UoL Master Plan Statement of Community Engagement, January 2016.

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